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Renaissance Art Evaluation

The Moneylender and His Wife by Quentin Matsys


This image shows a man who is a moneylender who appears to be counting coins at a table. In one hand he holds a balance to weigh his coins. Beside him is his wife who is looking on with a book open in front of her. They seem to be people of middle class stature because of their simple dress. Behind them stands a shelf which holds some books, an apple, a plate, an oil jar, and some other items. Beside the shelf is a door which is open slightly.

This image demonstrates these characteristics of Renaissance art: (1) Renaissance Art stresses proportion, balance, and harmony. In The Moneylender and His Wife, Massys made sure all of his lines were balanced and in equal proportion with one another. The shelves in the background are straight and match evenly with the door to the right. Everything blends in harmoniously. (2) Renaissance Art figures began to look 2-dimensional and alive. The figures used in The Moneylender and His Wife look very much alive. Instead of looking like flat drawings against their background, the figures look as if they have depth and thickness to them. (3) Renaissance Art depicted scenes from everyday life. Most likely, counting coins was a common thing for a moneylender to do, and this image captures a depiction of how a moneylender would count and weigh his coins.

I think this image was very well done. Massys gave his figures color and expression in their faces. They are both sitting equally at the table and the entire image has a 2-dimensional effect. The clothes that the figures are wearing and the wall space behind them both accurately give a shadow effect.

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LEARNING, Western Civilization

Review of Aristotle’s ‘The Polis,’ from “Politics”


In his article, Aristotle challenged the belief of why some believe Democracy is the best form of government. For most countries, I do not believe that Democracy is the best form of government and most major Greek philosophers, including Aristotle, thought the same. I favor more of a Republic government (The Rule of Law). I do, however, like some aspects of Democracy rule which is supposed to give more power and voice to the people. Continue reading “Review of Aristotle’s ‘The Polis,’ from “Politics””